DIY Garden Stake Finials

Garden Stake Finials by network-green

In most gardens there are always plants that need some support to keep them standing tall. Bamboo garden stakes are the most economical & sustainable, but can be somewhat unattractive.

Why not turn these ordinary bamboo stakes into functional pieces of art with a few simple materials?!!

Garden stake finials materials


  • 16 – 18 gauge galvanized wire
  • Marbles – we used 1″ marbles.
  • Glass beads – we used Bead Treasures glass beads from Hobby Lobby.
  • A piece of pipe – approximately the same diameter as the marbles used.
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Bamboo garden stakes

DIY Garden stake finials step 1


Begin by cutting a piece of wire approximately 12″ long, this can be adjusted accordingly based on your own design. Somewhere near the middle of the wire, wrap it around the pipe 2 times. Slide it off the end of the pipe and fit a marble into the center of your newly created spiral.

DIY Garden stake finials step 2

Adjust the fit with your pliers and bend both ends of the wire outward from the center of the marble. From here you can optionally zig-zag the wire by bending it with your pliers. (For our project we sponged a small amount of turquoise paint onto the wire to give our finials an aged patina look.)

Top one end with a glass bead – it may be necessary to use a drop of waterproof glue if your beads do not fit tightly on the wire or you can lightly hammer the end of the wire to widen it. Stick the other end into a bamboo stake and you now have a functional piece of art for your garden!

 DIY Garden Finials by network-green

Look for more DIY projects coming soon…

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