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Consumers Energy’s green generation

Consumers Energy has implemented a renewable energy program, green generation which is Green-e certified.
This renewable energy is produced here, in Michigan from 75% wind and 25% biomass (2011 supply).

Enrollment options:

  • GreenTeam -As a member of the GreenTeam, you choose to match 100 percent of your monthly energy use for a premium of $0.01 per kilowatt-hour. Your participation cost is in addition to your normal monthly electric charges. To calculate an approximate average monthly cost, take your total kilowatt-hour (kWh) history from your statement for the last 12 months, divide it by 12, and multiply that number by $0.01.
  • GreenBlocks -This option allows you to determine your level of participation, so you can choose a set amount that is right for you and your budget. You can purchase a single GreenBlock that represents 150 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy, for a small monthly premium of $1.50 per block. This monthly cost is in addition to your normal monthly electric charges.
  • Options for Business -If you purchase 100 or more individual GreenBlocks each month, you may qualify for a discounted price of $1.275 per block per month, with a minimum monthly premium of $127.50. This monthly cost is in addition to your monthly electric charges.

Cities and states not using Consumers Energy can purchase Green Tags through The Bonneville Environmental Foundation to replace traditional polluting sources of electricity with clean, secure, and sustainable renewable sources of energy that come from solar and wind power from across North America.

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