Sweat Bee

Pollinators ♥ Native Plants Pt.2

Planting native flowering plants & grasses in the garden and/or landscape, will improve native pollinator populations by providing this necessary food and forage ✿

Fall Aster

Welcome Fall with Flowers

7 late blooming perennials to add end of summer / fall color to the landscape & provide food for late season pollinators and migratory butterflies ✿

Metallic Green Bee

Pollinators ♥ Native Plants Pt.1

Pollinators are important for a healthy ecosystem & critical to many food crops, but are often lacking in urban gardens & landscapes ✿


10 Native Power Bloomers

With little care, native plants can add a rainbow of color to the garden all season long ✿

False Sunflower

August is Blooming

August blooming plants in the garden ✿

Prarie Coneflower

Welcome Summer

Summer blooming plants in the garden ✿

Dicentra cucullaria

Welcome Spring

Spring blooming plants in the garden ✿

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