Texas A&M Biologist Christine Merlin Relates Monarch Butterfly’s Migration To Its Antennae

Monarch butterflies have been known to travel great distances each year… Christine Merlin, a newly hired biologist at Texas A&M University, is studying this phenomenon and focusing on the role of internal clocks to this migration. Full Story — website

Monarch Butterflies Hit New Low; “Worrisome” Trend

The king of the butterflies may reign no more: Monarch butterflies are experiencing a steady decline, a new report says, with the insects occupying the smallest area of land in one Mexican butterfly reserve than they have in two decades. Full Story — website

Monarchs, Milkweeds, and More

Monarchs, Milkweeds, and More

Save the date for the Monarch butterfly presentation at Binder Park Zoo Wednesday April 10, 2013

Monarch Butterfly

Create a Monarch Waystation

Become a part of Monarch butterfly preservation by creating a Monarch Waystation in your garden or landscape ✿

Radar helps solve painted lady migration mystery

The mystery of an annual disappearance of a UK butterfly has been solved, scientists say after tracking the painted lady’s migration on radar. They found that the butterflies do not die in this country at the end of summer, as some believed, but make a high altitude escape south… Full Story — website

Metallic Green Bee

Pollinators ♥ Native Plants Pt.1

Pollinators are important for a healthy ecosystem & critical to many food crops, but are often lacking in urban gardens & landscapes ✿