earth friendly indoor projects

15 Green Indoor Projects

It’s getting cold outside… Take advantage of your time indoors & still have a positive impact outdoors with our Earth friendly project ideas + resources.

green internet tips

Green Your Internet Visits

Reduce your impact on the environment while browsing the web! – Tips and resources for an eco-friendly internet environment.

propane powered lawn care

Propane Powered Lawn Care

Propane powered lawn care- an eco-friendly alternative…

Lawncare & snow removal completely powered by propane!

Michigan GREEN energy kits

GREEN Energy Kits

Save energy by purchasing these green energy kits, offered by Michigan GREEN & the Superior Watershed Partnership.

Consumers Energy’s green generation

green generation

Consumers Energy’s renewable energy program -reducing our dependency on traditional energy sources. Join green generation today.

wind power

Earth friendly web hosting

Do you own a website? -Save energy & the environment by using renewable energy web hosting.