Eastern Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa virginica)

Eastern Carpenter Bee

A gentle giant, the Eastern Carpenter Bee – Xylocopa virginica, is native to the eastern U.S. and is an important pollinator to a variety of plants.

National Moth Week 2013

National Moth Week 2013

National Moth Week 2013 is around the corner! Are you participating yet? Register today and save the dates: July 20 – July 28, 2013

Far from random, evolution follows a predictable genetic pattern, researchers find

Evolution, often perceived as a series of random changes, might in fact be driven by a simple and repeated genetic solution to an environmental pressure that a broad range of specieshappen to share, according to new research. Full Story — website

EHD a growing threat to Wisconsin’s deer population

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease is passed to deer by biting midges and causes internal bleeding and fever… Full Story — website

European Paper Wasp -Polistes dominulus

European Paper Wasp

This species -Polistes dominulus is native to the Mediterranean. The European paper wasp was discovered in the eastern U.S. in the late 1970s and has rapidly increased throughout the United States.

Western Honey Bee -Apis mellifera - winter bee

Western Honey Bee

The Western Honey Bee -Apis mellifera has both summer and winter workers. Winter honey bees emerge from eggs laid at the end of summer…

National Moth Week 2012

National Moth Week 2012!

The first National Moth Week is about to arrive… It’s easy to get involved and help with this important research by recording & reporting your moth observations!
July 23th – 29th . 2012

Metallic Green Bee

Pollinators ♥ Native Plants Pt.1

Pollinators are important for a healthy ecosystem & critical to many food crops, but are often lacking in urban gardens & landscapes ✿

Green Bottle Fly

Flies as Pollinators

Research indicates that flies may contribute significantly to pollination of North American flowers and many food plants.

Tachinidae Archytas

Tachinid Flies

Tachinid flies are amongst the largest families of true flies with approximately 8,000 species world wide… These beneficial flies play an important role in suppressing populations of destructive timber and agricultural pests.

Red-necked False Blister Beetle -Asclera ruficollis

Red-necked False Blister Beetle

Beetles were among one of the first order of insects to pollinate flowers and still play an important role in pollination today.