Hawaii’s Big Island bans biotech companies, GMO crops

The governing council for Hawaii (or Big) Island Tuesday banned biotech companies from operating on the island while barring growth of genetically modified organisms. Full Story — website

Artist Tells Stories Of Dead Bees

Artist Sarah Hatton has created a series of works using thousands of dead bees displayed in spirals symbolic of agriculture. She wants to bring attention to bees’ decline due to pesticide use. Full Story — website

Texas A&M Biologist Christine Merlin Relates Monarch Butterfly’s Migration To Its Antennae

Monarch butterflies have been known to travel great distances each year… Christine Merlin, a newly hired biologist at Texas A&M University, is studying this phenomenon and focusing on the role of internal clocks to this migration. Full Story — website

Monarch Butterflies Hit New Low; “Worrisome” Trend

The king of the butterflies may reign no more: Monarch butterflies are experiencing a steady decline, a new report says, with the insects occupying the smallest area of land in one Mexican butterfly reserve than they have in two decades. Full Story — website

Spring May Have Sprung, But Most Gardens Are Still Slumbering

For vegetable lovers, the start of spring can be a cruel tease, hinting of a feast of just-picked peas and spinach and beets, but delivering instead tired iceberg and romaine shipped from distant climes. Full Story — website

Busy Bees Use Flower Petals For Nest Wallpaper

When we think of bee nests, we often think of a giant hive, buzzing with social activity, worker bees and honey. But scientists recently discovered a rare, solitary type of bee that makes tiny nests by plastering together flower petals. Full Story — website

Genetically Modified Salmon Coming to Your Market

Planning your menu for the week? You should include more fish – it’s so good for you. How about some genetically altered salmon? AquAdvantage Salmon is a salmon that has been modified with a growth hormone. Full Story — website

Happy Genetically Modified Thanksgiving

Since they were introduced 15 years ago, genetically modified foods have taken astonishing hold in North America. Full Story — website

GMO Labeling Efforts Change Course After California Defeat

(Reuters) – The failure on Tuesday of a California ballot initiative that would have mandated labeling of genetically modified foods is not a death knell for those seeking nationwide labeling, U.S. labeling proponents said. Full Story — website

Successes, failures for major green energy ballot initiatives

Michigan and California both had ballot initiatives aimed at promoting green energy and green jobs, with voters in Michigan voting overwhelmingly against a renewable energy constitutional amendment… Full Story — website

Tiny Invasive Pest Wreaking Havoc on Blueberries

An invasive pest barely 1/16th of an inch long that first turned up in California in 2008 has caused millions of dollars in damage to Michigan’s blueberry crop. Full Story — website

San Juan County bans the growing of GMOs

San Juan County residents in Washington State passed Initiative Measure No. 2012-4 to ban the growth of genetically modified organisms. Full Story — website