Michigan Pollinator Week

Celebrate our Pollinators!

Sweat Bee

In conjunction with National Pollinator Week, Michigan recently adopted their own resolution!

  • Adopted by Senate, March 16, 2011
  • Senate Resolution No. 25.
  • A resolution proclaiming June 20-26, 2011, as Michigan Pollinator Week.

Celebrate Michigan Pollinator Week & help sustain our beneficial native pollinators by planting native flowers (75% of all flowering plant species need the help of animals to move their heavy pollen grains from plant to plant for fertilization) – These insects, birds, bats & small mammals depend on these host plants & food sources as much as we depend on their pollination!
An estimated one third of our food, beverages, spices & medicines need to be pollinated by animals.
Two of Michigan’s most important crops, cherries & blueberries, are 90% dependent on honey bee pollination.

The use of pesticides can have a negative impact on honey bees & native pollinators and may be linked to CCD. If necessary pesticides should be applied early in the morning while most pollinators are still at rest. Insecticidal soaps, such as Neem oil, are the safest option as they are intended to target soft bodied insects and generally don’t affect bees.

With any insecticide, please read and follow the directions on the manufacturer’s label for your own safety & to reduce the risk of harming beneficial insects.

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