Ecological Landscape Design

book: Principles of Ecological Landscape Design

Principles of Ecological Landscape Design

Written by: Travis Beck, Landscape and Gardens Project Manager at the New York Botanical Garden
Foreword by: Carol Franklin, Founding Principal, Andropogon Associates, Ltd.

For everyone who wants to landscape with ecology in mind & conserve biodiversity, Principles of Ecological Landscape Design is a must have book that focuses in depth on creating successful, ecological landscapes in both urban and rural environments. Both scientific studies and real world case studies are used to demonstrate the success of each lesson taught in the book.

From The Foreword …

“For ecological planting design to be more than greenwashing, this book provides much-needed and long-awaited access to principles, strategies, and specific directions. In many ways, this book is recognition of our newfound sophistication and of how far we have come since the era of “progress” of the 1950s to the 1980s and since Ian McHarg wrote Design with Nature in 1969. With our increasing need to change the destructive plans and practices of the recent past, and with our growing familiarity with ecological ideas, this book is an indispensable next step, firmly linking the breadth and depth of essential ecological processes directly to design actions. In doing so, Beck has given us a new and better toolbox for ecological planting design.”

More information about the author and the book can be found at Travis Beck – Integrating ecology and design.

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