Recycled… A popular ArtPrize medium

Today’s Eco-Friends

Many of this year’s ArtPrize entries were created using recycled materials.
We applaud these artists for thinking green!

  • Primary Reusers
    A collection of recycling bins created with recycled materials and decorated by the artists.
  • Wind Song Cathedral
    Sculpture created of 100% recycled scrap metal.
  • In the Valley of the River
    This piece is mainly made up of discarded items, trash and recycled bits of the city the artist has collected over the past year.
  • The Seven Days of Creation
    Crayon mosaic created from over 12,000 discarded crayons.
  • The Door
    Acrylic & collage on a recycled wooden door.
  • The River
    A sculpture of the river using recycled liquid glass.
  • Tiger Fish
    Aquatic creature constructed using recycled materials.
  • Arts Charity Grill
    3 classic vehicles converted into cooking grills with condiment and beverage coolers.
  • All That Remains
    “Creatures” made of sticks, grapevine and various other natural/recycled resources.
  • Space Walk
    Made from bits of colored recycled paper.
  • Fleetwood Loveseat
    A steel park bench made from recycled automotive parts.
  • Fall Treasure
    Carved wood slabs taken from a storm felled cherry tree. Recycled from a natural destructive storm.
  • Tea House
    Interactive community-based project using recycled tea bags.
  • Wind Dancers
    Flowers created from recycled wood.
  • Re-Purposed Plastic Poufs
    Recycled plastic bags.
  • Reclamation
    A series of sculptural wall reliefs and installations made entirely of recycled paint cans.
  • Mother Nature
    Handcrafted from recycled clothing.
  • Burton’s Reef
    Created with used, recycled toys.
  • The Spinner
    The top of this quilt was made using recycled sweaters.

Do you know of any other ArtPrize entries created from recycled materials? Let us know!

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