Street Sign Redesign

Tripp Gregson

Tripp Gregson – “Fish-out-of-Water Series”

These artists recycle used street signs into amazing functional works of art; including furniture, bowls, purses, flatware and jewelry.

Boris Bally

“Scrap street signs are materials ripe for the battles of this decade: Their obvious environmental message; The mockery of precious materials which are symbolic of the American struggle for wealth and success; Their subtle defiance of authority.” -Boris Bally

Check out more of Bally’s amazing work at

Tripp Gregson

“…surrounded by my tools, unraveling the past, and setting free my recycled treasures in new and joyous ways. If you take a close look at my art, you can detect my love for wood, catch a drift of my anti-authoritarian attitudes in cut-up traffic signs, appreciate my retro-nouveau sense of shape, and my never-ending look onto the brighter side through use of humor and color.” -Tripp Gregson

Check out Tripp’s work including other recycled creations at

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